About us


GOBAN Cosmetics is bold, feminine, fun & adventurous. Driven by multicultural beauty and numerous cups of coffee, GOBAN Cosmetics created for the next generation where creativity and trends are born.

GOBAN Cosmetics has merged two excites countries, Korea and France. Art, music, fashion and beauty from both countries are very different yet sophisticated. Experiences and living in the most beauty buzz over the years, our creators are inspired to create incredibly chic, fun, cool and ambitious formula for each angel to feel gorgeous and beautiful every single day. Oh! And GOBAN stands for GORGEOUS AND BEAUTIFUL ANGELS.

PS: We are dedicated to support the local gang.  GOBAN Cosmetics’ developement are all done at our massive capital, Jakarta Indonesia. Yay! #supportlocal and.. we love our Angels dearly, and your feedback is so helpful for us to hear. Please feel free to contact us info@gobancosmetics.com to share your voice. Love ya!


Stay gold,

GOBAN Cosmetics