We are hiring!

We are hiring creative and hardworking individuals with high taste and enthusiast in beauty to help us build our brand.

Strong candidates will be shortlisted to get interviewed by us. Please note that a task might be given beforehand to make sure you are the best fit for the job.

Pay close attention to the requirements and job description explained below. Apply by sending your CV (and portfolio) to info@gobancosmetics.com with subject : CV_[position] – e.g CV_Digital Marketing.

Product Development

​Job Description
1.​​ Responsible for creating concept both product for new and existing product in order​ ​to develop company product
​2.​ Conceptualize product ideas and pitch prototype to labs and ensure submission​ ​meets standards and protocol

​Requirements :
​1.​ Passionate about beauty​, familiar with the beauty industry​ and​ updated to​ ​​beauty trend
2. ​Able to conduct simple market research ​related to beauty​3. ​Possess at least bachelor’s degree​
3. Fresh graduate​s​ are welcome to apply​. Having prior experience in product development will be a plus​
4. Have strong sense in cosmetics​, ​good logical ​and analytical ​thinking​5​. Able to communicate English both written and spoken

Digital Marketing

Job Description​ ​:
​1.​ Mastermind and manage all digital marketing activities ​on all digital platforms​
​2.​ Plan, manage and execute digital marketing campaigns​​3.​ Monitor, measure and analyze campaign to craft better campaign in the future4. Able to extract insights based on data report of the previous campaign​

Requirement​ ​:
​1.​ Passionate about beauty​, familiar with the beauty industry​ and​ updated to​ ​​beauty trend
2.​ Proficient in using digital ads platforms​ also analytics tools
3. Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking​​
4. Possess at least bachelor’s degree​ in Marketing, Communication or any related major​​
5. At least have prior 1-year experience in digital marketing​

​Copywriter Intern

​Job Description :
Craft copy for all social media and marketing needs in various media​ based on brief given​

​Job requirements :
1. ​Passionate about beauty​, familiar with the beauty industry​ and​ updated to​ ​​beauty trend​
2. Able to convey message into clear, concise, unambiguous copy